Letterpress for all. Listening to & amplifying marginalized voices.

We are a collaborative group of letterpress printers, artists, and community members that are committed to increasing access to the tools of printmaking and publishing.

We create poster art and other printed media that amplifies marginalized voices, engages the community in a dialogue about issues that matter, and builds community resiliency in the face of hate and violent white supremacy.


See Proof Public in Action

Proof Public was featured on TPT’s MN Original program on the arts in Minnesota.


Proof Public at work


Proof Public x My Sister

Proof Public collaborated with survivors of sexual trafficking and MY SISTER to create a series of posters that told their stories. Posters were conceived, designed and printed by survivors in our studio. 


Masters of Advocacy and Political Leadership

Proof Public hosted students with the Masters of Advocacy and Political Leadership program at Metro State to create posters as part of their art and social change curriculum. Students were studying social movements and developed messages and designs related to those movements.