Print with us!


Proof Public is looking for partners to create poster art and other printed media that amplifies marginalized voices, engages the community in a dialogue about issues that matter, and builds community resiliency in the face of hate and violent white supremacy. Possible ways to collaborate include:

  • Bring a group to our Minneapolis letterpress studio for a short class on printing, and then create a set of posters with messages that are meaningful to you.
  • Bring your board and/or staff to do the same, with a meaningful conversation about message.
  • Lift up the work of an artist or writer in your community and have them be “in residence” to create posters using our collection of type.
  • Use Proof Public to create “rapid response” printed messages in response to community crises or protests.


Support our work

Proof Public offers two kinds of membership, Studio and Supporting.

Supporting Members provide crucial financial support to our work, receive discounts on public classes and in the retail store, and get members-only mailings and other benefits. 

Studio Members can gain access to printing equipment in our studio and be part of our community of printers. Studio membership is currently by invitation only, but if you are interested in learning more please contact us.

Learn & Create


Join us for one of our classes or community events.